Official Members


Our Stake Pool Operations are based all across Canada.

We offer economic and geographic differentiation for the Cardano community and all delegators to consider as a trusted group of pool operations that have an agreed code of ethics and best practices.

Security: Across our community of pools we strive for the highest level of security practices for node operation.

Performance: With a pulse on the latest developments from IOG and advancements to the Cardano protocol, we foster an environment of performance and maintenance cadences to offer strong performance across our community of pools.

Integrity: Real Canadians with an expressed passion and commitment to our individual efforts and the reputation of our collected efforts, our delegators can rely on our commitment to transparency and communication.. and just plain old friendliness.

Our group of pool operators offers a unique variety of skills and personalities and we want to offer shared resources and support concerning nuances of Cardano stake pool operation, and be a trusted group of peers in the Cardano community to serve our delegators.
Each member has their own story and brings their passion to the Cardano ecosystem in their own Canadian way.

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Total Members: 16

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8SQRD Cardano Stake Pool

Pool ID: 6333007fadda8a9e086c2c426a02197f02e3abb4f17e22bf51341231
Ticker: 8SQRD
Email: Contact Us

8SQRD is founded by blockchain enthusiasts from Vancouver, BC. We’ve been in the blockchain space since 2013. Combined together we are three professionals who have backgrounds in: computer science, DevOps, military, health care research, finance, business and entrepreneurship. Trust in our team to maintain consistent up time, provide transparency, and communicate regularly with our delegators.

We are mission-driven and have allocated a portion of our proceeds to our fund that’s dedicated to social good initiatives. We’re calling our fund The Good Initiative Fund (TGIF). Currently, we will be focusing our donation efforts on Stop Asian American and Pacific Island Hate initiatives. Join us and Delegate to 8SQRD Pool (Ticker: 8SQRD) to support TGIF.

  • 8sqrd-url
  • 8sqrd-twitter
  • 8sqrd-discord

A3C Cardano Pool

Pool ID: 159bd971439653da2b97d12facae06ff5e6d7410d074edaab425202b
Ticker: A3C

A3C Modern Consulting created the “A3C Cardano Pool” as a means to connect with the Cardano community and Cardano’s mission statement; “to bank the un-banked”.
To connect with the community A3C uses social media and social arbitrage to offer free cryptocurrency advice, tips & tricks, reliable knowledge and safe practices resulting in confident decision making.
To align ourselves with Cardano’s mission statement we assist the un-assisted by providing free professional, easy to follow instructional videos on how to safely penetrate the cryptocurrency market through our YouTube channel.
In an effort to further assist the community we will never increase our pool fees & once profitable we will be donating a portion of pool margin rewards to low-income entrepreneurs and students in 77 countries which will be documented on Twitter for full transparency.

  • a3c-url
  • a3c-telegram
  • a3c-youtube

ADA Heart Stake Pool

Pool ID: f8b811d63ef2ac9e19eff41ab7a99f37b82da701f8ddb34d6d12cdb7
Ticker: HEART

ADA HEART stake pool is a product of passion and community. Cardano has been presented to the world as being accessible as possible to those outside the comfort of strong financial identity. Specifically for economically oppressed markets and individuals, Cardano offers an opportunity to participate in the global financial marketplace. With the incentive to change the world, Cardano has energized a community of talented individuals to work together and build up our own and this strength of our ecosystem has empowered a passionate community member to participate in the decentralized promise of Cardano. This is the HEART of the Cardano ecosystem.

  • heart-url
  • heart-twitter
  • heart-telegram
  • heart-facebook
  • heart-reddit

ArmADA Stake Pool

Pool ID: a2ccd8e93f5a518d4400790cb081673e79ed41e4bf1132f740f26a28
Ticker: ARM1
Email: Contact Us

ArmADA Stake Pool is running on a global scale infrastructure since the Incentivized Test Net (ITN) in December 2019. It is a combination of bare metal and servers hosted in Certified Data Centers around the globe. Due to this geographical redundancy we can ensure that the pool stays online even if one data center suffers from an outage. Working closely with the Cardano community from the beginning, allowed us to fine tune and improve our servers day-by-day. With over 20 years of IT experience, we are utilizing the best security, and monitoring practices to provide our delegators the best return possible.

Starting from the Cardano protocol update on December 16th, ArmADA is donating up to 25% of the pool reward to VeriTree and TeamTreesArborDayFoundation  


  • arm1-url
  • arm1-twitter
  • arm1-telegram

Beaver Pool

Pool ID: 593dfbc66c5b8dfc040851a2f4d87191490d4c2312c65dd4418f7b23
Ticker: BEAVR
Email: Contact Us

Beaver Cardano Stake Pool has been participating in the Cardano network since December 2019 on the Incentivized Testnet. I’ve been involved in cryptocurrency since 2012, where I was mining Litecoin. Since 2017, I’ve been closely following Cardano and believe it will revolutionize blockchain technology and the world. BEAVR is solely operated by myself and I hope to help educate the masses about Cardano, the problems it solves, and the improvements it makes to blockchain technology. Help us decentralize Cardano and let’s make history!

  • beavr-url
  • beavr-twitter
  • beavr-telegram


Pool ID: 566ebd3406088123f8dcc99630f122520db5d479e661c72b43571627
Ticker: CAN1

Run by dedicated Cardano enthusiasts with 50+ years of combined IT experience in software development and devops, 15+ years of experience in accounting and financial auditing. Based in Ottawa Canada, with a portion of proceeds supporting local charities.

  • can1-url
  • can1-twitter
  • can1-instagram

Cardano Canucks

CANUK Pool ID: 4deb0ba979fe7af5a5a4896ef68cdae029ad116542555cb422f46348
CNUK2 Pool ID: 90b265d73d812200a842f90bd01bc9f943a713b0dc936238c686c0a9
CNUK3 Pool ID: 2a70a609a9506d55738a3d4e11884fa71bc68ffb759688315069f76d
Email: Contact Us

We are a partnership of two folks living in Toronto. Mike, brings his experience as a technical lead at multiple data and analytics organizations. He designs and builds cloud-based data warehouses, largely intended to  analyze big data. Vivek brings to bear more than a decade of experience in data and analytics, as well as marketing strategy and execution. With strong industry experience and a passion for cryptocurrency, we can confidently move forward with this venture and responsibly manage this Canadian Cardano stake pool.

We really got involved in cryptocurrencies in the bull market of 2017 where we were fortunate enough to make a small profit at the peak of the market. This was the point at which we discovered Cardano and have been following the project consistently for the last several years. The goal of Cardano Canucks is to build a community of like minded folks who believe in Cardano and provide them a great stake pool experience. 

  • canuk-url
  • canuk-twitter
  • canuk-telegram
  • canuk-facebook
  • canuk-reddit
  • canuk-youtube

GAIA Stakepool 

Pool ID: f66a36de855d53b9d5110bd46640f48dbab1c848c9e2f5c36d8c12dc
Ticker: GAIA
Email: Contact Us

A Cardano Stake Pool that loves nature and Cardano, and wants to bring awareness of Cardano to the world. We at GAIA Stake Pool believe that the values, technology, and decentralization Cardano uses will play a key role in returning balance to the world. The reliable and trustless systems on the Cardano network give every person control over their own finances, personal information, and voting power. With Cardano, we can change the world. GAIA Stake Pool donates 1/3 of our profit to charities that heal the Earth, and re-invests at least 1/3 of our profit back into pledge. Join us in making a better future – one where humanity and planet Earth thrive together! GAIA Stake Pool is operated by Brian Lee, an artist and designer with 7 years of experience in the entertainment industry, and 16 years of experience working with computers (repairs, networking, website creation and maintenance).

GAIA Stake Pool is also a member of the Cardano Mission Driven Pools Group (MDP)


  • gaia-url
  • gaia-twitter
  • gaia-telegram
  • gaia-youtube
  • gaia-instagram

HOLA Cardano Stake Pool

Pool ID: ce9f192835046ba71ed302d5d3e0ba99d65fd3950346cadad4781814
Ticker: HOLA

HOLA stake pool is running in a combination of bare metal and cloud servers to provide a reliable and secure staking experience. Hola Stake Pool is operate by myself: an engineer and crypto enthusiast who believes in Cardano’s vision. I have been following Cardano since 2018 and I believe it will change the way we think about the current global financial system. Also, I have participated in network consensus for other projects using both traditional mining as well as staking. In addition of running a stake pool, my goal is to provide content about Cardano, both in English and Spanish.


  • hola-url
  • hola-twitter
  • hola-telegram

Kelowna Staking

Pool ID: e63d0fa435f185cf651c81bf666f51199ca6dd7ba1fe7cbf75d76776
Ticker: KLWNA
Email: Contact Us

I moved to Kelowna in 2014 for a Network Administration Specialist course and since then work as Technical Support for a VoIP Telecommunications Company. I work with Linux on a daily basis and assist in the management of company servers. I first joined the crypto space in 2016 and found Cardano in late 2019. The Kelowna Staking Pool has been supporting the Cardano network since August 2020 and producing blocks since epoch 225!
I am proud to be a member of CCSPA since its inception in September 2020!

  • klwna-url
  • klwna-twitter
  • klwna-telegram
  • klwna-reddit

Level Up! Stake Pool

Pool ID: 91e34a10c60a797011bdafc723e0b86a2fdecd11731c8c9e403cfe6e
Ticker: LvLUp
Email: Contact Us

My name is Luc from Québec City, I work with Linux and servers on daily base. I am a sysadmin with 15 years of experience. LeveL Up! is fundamentally a technical project, I have build a bullet proof stake pool with strong monitoring tools and recover mechanisms. I would like to continue improving stake pool, all rewards will be reinvested on infrastructure. The servers are hosted on Amazon Web service in Montreal datacenter. One of my goals is to add a bare-metal relay this year.

Community and people first, think Cardano community is the strongest of all cryptoworld and I am proud to be part of this.

  • lvlup-url
  • lvlup-telegram
  • lvlup-facebook
  • lvlup-reddit


Pool ID: f2fa0dfea7f4caba8cbdd042c4940c783ee57f9516062725b04e19a3
Ticker: PSB
Email: Contact Us

Psilobyte ( PSB ) is an Edmonton IT Services company helping small and medium sized businesses. We are proud to support the Cardano network and the community, as we expand into the blockchain space. We plan to support the Cardano community by running a reliable stake pool operation, promoting the use of Cardano to all our existing clients and others around the world, and later building services on top of the Cardano blockchain network.

About the Founder: Hi, i’m Boris, and i’m a passionate supporter of the crypto space since 2017, and have over 15 years of IT experience in different fields like Data/Disaster Recovery, IT Management and Cyber Security. I’m here for the long haul, not quick gains, since the social aspect of the changes the crypto space will bring to this society are more important than any monetary compensation. I hope you provide us with your vote of confidence and come stake with our pool, to help us spread the word about this amazing project and it’s community.

  • psb-url
  • psb-twitter
  • psb-telegram
  • psb-linkedin

QCPOL Stake Pool

Pool ID: c2b8bff5160dd75149f2cae0955698550e8cf0d390025b26a9508a3e
Ticker: QCPOL

QCPOL is a stake pool hosted in Québec City on 100% bare-metal servers. It is managed by two IT professionals with both having over 10 years of experience. Our setup is hosted in 2 different physical locations to ensure redundancy in case of an outage. In top of running a stake pool, our goal is to provide content, both in French and English, about Cardano through our website.


  • qcpol-url
  • qcpol-telegram
  • qcpol-reddit

Rocky Mountain Staking

Pool ID: f4762ca1dce3c32c0d7a7e6d9f8a54bf40338e99ae5f3ad0172c9a2f
Ticker: ROCKY

Proudly supporting the evolution of Cardano since the Incentivized Testnet in December of 2019, ROCKY is a bare metal pool (i.e. I run my own infrastructure) managed by a seasoned IT professional (that’s me) delivering continuous uptime with a small environmental footprint. I’m proud to be a Catalyst Proposal Advisor (Cardano’s on chain improvement proposal governance system), a member of the Stake Pool Operators Collective Assembly (SPOCRA) and an active member of the Canadian Cardano Stake Pool Association (CCSPA).

  • rocky-url
  • rocky-twitter
  • rocky-telegram
  • rocky-reddit

Sparkle Pool

Pool ID: 782310d6e6ab81cde977da3eef0a9f533bd255dadd30d01d33e0dde6
Ticker: SPKL
Email: Contact Us

Sparkle is focused on availability with multiple layers of redundancy, security and disaster recovery. With an operator that has over 25 years of experience in various aspects of IT from software development and release engineering to security and operations, you are in good hands.
[S]ecure: Protected behind multiple layers of network security to keep malicious actors out.
[P]ortable: Our pool infrastructure fits in a portable case, complete with network security and battery power.
[K]ick-ass: Even though it fits in a briefcase, it’s got plenty of power and security and it’s just plain cool.
[L]ucrative: For the first year, we are only taking the minimum required fixed cost and passing on all the rewards to our delegators.

  • spkl-url
  • spkl-youtube

Sprout Pool

Pool ID: a50d1fd3cda9b9452cb149474a601d24332a870a6fe32b60add3a98b
Ticker: SPRO
Email: Contact Us

SPRO is 100% Canadian owned and operated. Our pool runs on a robust, reliable and secure AWS server architecture. It is maintained by myself, a backend development specialist from Vancouver BC.

For every block we mint, we will plant 10 trees through our partner

  • spro-url
  • spro-twitter
  • spro-telegram
  • spro-reddit
  • spro-youtube
  • spro-discord